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We provide consultancy services to brands and individuals in a number of avenues, including but not limited to social identity. We make and implement strategic plans in line with the needs of our customers by increasing brand awareness, optimizing the representation of the brand or individual in social media, increasing sales and access to target audiences. 

Social Identity

Social identity theory, which explores identity formation based on group membership, is not only related to the groups that individuals feel they belong to, but also plays an important role in brand positioning. We offer support and guidance to brands and individuals in creating the most accurate social identity in line with their goals. 

Marketing Strategy

We offer consultancy services  to companies and brands in developing their marketing strategy. We plan the strategy that best fits the project's purpose and the brand's goals and include strategic tools such as SEO to optimize profitability. 

Brand identity

We support you to create a brand identity that ensures brand awareness and image. Brand identity is the way a company flaunts itself. With elements such as logo, slogan and communication language, the brand establishes an emotional bond with the consumer, distinguishing the brand from its counterparts in the market and strengthening the brand's position in the market. 

Influencer Marketing

We consult brands in planning their influencer marketing strategies by determining the most suitable influencers for brands and projects. We develop the most ideal projects for your brand with our expert staff in content production. 

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